Saturday, June 30, 2007

Co-le-saw? (Blame it to Sleepless Nights!)

Last Saturday was just one of the crazy times my friends and I usually do everytime we're together. After attending a meeting, We decided to eat and stroll around the Robinson's and there I first met the word COLESLAW which, I ignorantly read as "co-le-saw"! Well, how stupid can you get when you don't get to have enough sleep?! My pronunciation wasn't even close with the correct pronunciation. I could at least say
"co-les-law" instead of "co-le-saw"! Damn! sounds like ISAW!

And it didn't stop
there! Armed with an excellent excuse of not having enough sleep we simply entered the Penshoppe Store not minding other people, took our picture with a Bamboo and left... How's that, huh? Was that desperation or what? lol... Whew! How crazy can you get

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