Thursday, June 14, 2007

5 Seconds of Fame

I met Kriss at SM City last night and as usual, he still has his smile attached on his face just as I remember him back then... lol... In fairness, feeling ko may pagka-plastic man si Kriss sang una. Di lang gid pwerte pareho sa akon... bwahaah... Anyways, he told me that he saw me with Grace on tv! It was during the Bamboo event in Bocaray...Whew! can't believe I had my 5 seconds of fame back then... I even wonder h0w I looked like during the Smart Hot Summer Samahan! I thought wasn't able to comb my hair. If only I was told that I'll on tv, I could have at least look more presentable! ahaah... Joke lang! Seriously, the Smart event in Boracay was my second chance of fame...I had my own share of fame during our Adcamp but just the same I wasn't able to see myself on television! uhuuuhu..

Back to Kriss, I think I miss him... ooops... hehehee... Seriously, I miss flirting with Kriss.... CUte dan sa iya! bwahaah. Tas la pa kuno abi gapangakig.. duh! bwahahahha.... In fairness crush ko siya before pero di na subong... hihihiih... By the way my picture with Kriss was taken in Patio Pacific in Boracay during our AdCamp6... At last naka-tsansing ko sa iya... weeeeh! \m/

Before I forget, I also had the chance to meet Erick when I was on my way to Welcome Eversun... hihihi... Baw! ang manenoy, kagalang-galang.. ahahah.. TL na daw sa Ventus... oh, well...

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