Monday, August 18, 2008

Bamboo, Kailan?

I had the chance to watch Myx News last Sunday and it was where I officially heard about the Bamboo's newest album and single. I've been waiting for this just like my fellow believers and everybody else. I really missed Bamboo! AS IN! The last time I saw them was last May that's why I'm really elated to see the sneak preview of the Bamboo's up and coming album...

As what I've heard, the band will release it (I'm not sure if its the album or the single) on August 19. That will be tomorrow! Hallelujah! And what's more? They were already making the video for their first single. I can't wait to watch it!

Album: Tomorrow becomes Yesterday

Artist: Bamboo

Single: Kailan

Release Date: Augu
st 19, 2008 (?)

Hope they will not delay the release date again... Amen

Super P.S.
Shella screaming. "Block your face! As in!"

Just visited Bamboo's official website and I saw something that says, "Something Big will happen on August 21! Listen to your favorite Radio Station." Hmmm... what does it mean? winks

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