Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's Shika At Last!

My client's webmail isn't working so I'm here slacking off, spending my time reading yaoi- and smutty- themed mangas while editing the websiteswhich I will be sending emails to soon. And just as promised, I'll try to have more blog entries for this month. So here goes... There's nothing special about my life for the past two days except that I'm still in the process of teaching my dearest cousin, Kyla some monosyllabic words for her to speak. Words like smile, hi, hello, and cool as well as hipos, sabad, ayus, okay, and of course, lawlaw! She really sounded funny every time she said those words. Ooops, before I forget I even taught her to speak Smart and Globe! See? I'm fair. Or should I just say a fence-sitter? You judge! lol.

Anyway, I came across this quiz while searching online. It's called Romantic Love Quiz, sort of a compatibility test- which Naruto Character is most likely I'm compatible with? Well, I've always wanted to have Shikamaru as the result of the quiz since I've always liked him. Actually, i liked Sasuke before him but it looks like I my crush from isn't like before. ;;) I kind of get irritated with Sasuke's character in the story right now. Hmmp! He's acting stupid. Oh well, probably he just got blinded of his feelings of frustration and ummm... whatever. What's good about the story is that naruto-addict like me would get hyped every time there's up and coming chapters.

FINE. back to the quiz I'm talking about. I once took this kind of quiz before and I ended up being compatible with Itachi and then I tried it again and the result was Sasuke. Though the quiz I took was of the same theme, the questions are different. You may not believe it but I really tried to be honest as possible. Though I must admit there are questions which are really obvious, I chose those which are really want. And take note, I didn't cheat! Surprisingly, I end up getting the result which I really wanted. My beloved Shikamaru! The one and only slacker nin of Konoha! I was so obsessed with him that... Let me tell you a secret. I was so obsessed with him that I once read a mature fanfic of him and Temari! :P How's that? Looks like I'm getting more and more perverted, eh? Better end it here now before I embarrass myself even more. Ciao!

nara shikamaru
Nara Shikamaru

Your one true love is Nara Shikamaru. You're probably the kind who loves to muck around and look at clouds so that's why you'll love this slacker nin of Konoha who finds everything troublesome and plays with shadows. Though lazy, he's a loyal friend and has an IQ of more than 200 points, which fascinates you.

Go to Romantic Love Quiz to do more Quizzes!

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