Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's June!

Well, here's my first post for June. I finally decided to be more religious in posting entries in my blog.

  • I've been so lazy to post since I started reading mangas online. Up until now, I'm still into it. It seems that I cannot just give it up specially that I'm always looking forward to watch the up and coming episodes Naruto Shippuuden and as well as the chapters in the manga. At this point, the plot is getting more and more exciting and it makes me want to fast forward to either Thursdays or Fridays of every weeks. It is on that day that new chapters and episodes are posted on the web.

  • I was enlightened to wake up early last Sunday to attend mass again after two weeks. Though I wasn't able to see my crush there (lol), I received a good news that our parish has started to publish its own newsletter called Bigkis. As what our Parish Priest said, the newsletter was named Bigkis because it means binding things together. Bigkis is also used as a noun referring to the thing that is tied to support the newly cut umbilical cord of a newly born baby. In the religious sense, this newsletter hopes to bind every member of the parish together to be a good Christian and disciples of God.

  • Today's Tuesday. The second night since my crush resigned from work. There's no weird feelings from me though. Its only Tuesday but I can't seem to wait until its Saturday. Recently, I've been quite excited to stay at home during weekends. There's really nothing special happening at home during weekends but I love the fact that I can just lie down and watch tv and sleep and just do anything. Well, what can I say? I am self-proclaimed procastinator and my mom hated it.

  • Two weeks from now, my Aunt will arrive from Abu Dhabi. She's been working there for a long time now. I hope I'll receive something special from her. A Sony W55 digital camera will do. wink

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