Saturday, September 27, 2008

KIM fettish

Looks like I have this fettish for the name Kim. Why? First of all, there was a time that I was into singing along with a hit Eraserheads song, Sembreak and it starts with a line "Dear Kim". Second, I once had a crush named Kim. Lastly, if I were a guy, I would choose Kim Kardashian as my object of desire. hahah... But honestly, I think she already is since I really find hot and enticing. I even got a copy of Playboy Magazine (Philippines) when I saw that she was featured in it. Ooops, just for the record, I'm not a lesbian. Its just that I really like her. And probably because uhm... I am so envious of her ass. because mine is so... nevermind. LOL


  1. Maybe you might like Kim Golez, too. Hehehe! By the way, got you tagged here:

    Hope you blog about it. Thanks!

  2. I had a crush named Kim once and Kim K. is not to shaby either!!