Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bora's Aftermath

Its more than a week now since we had our two-day vacation trip to Boracay. Just like last year, we had a lot of fun! Our two-day trip was amazing. Saturday night was the best. It was my first time to watch a gig while raining. Thanks to Smart for bringing Kamikazee and Bamboo, I was able to stand there and chill, and sing with every one of their songs. I enjoyed every minute of it even though the guys beside me were drunk and smelled really awful (eeew!)! Jay was really funny and Bamboo? He rocked!

Sunday was at par with Saturday night though in a different way. It was one of the best moments I had on the beach! Not caring about what time it was, not caring about the fact that its noon and the sun was at its peak! We still enjoyed the sea and every single moment of it. I thought I would just worry about the effects of the the sun's rays on my skin when I'm back in Iloilo. lol

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