Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dinagyang 2008 and B-Line

Don't get me wrong... I was ecstatic that I had the chance to meet Bamboo (again) after so many months. I should have wrote about this last Monday but I don't feel like opening my blogger account. It was one heck of a Saturday evening or I should say, Sunday morning... I never expected that we would get the chance to watch inside the venue (and at the backstage) since we have decided that not to buy tickets. Thanks to Grace's Tito Yul, who is kind enough to tell the guard at the backstage to let us in! You might be wondering who is this Tito Yul? Well, he's a military man who is on duty and is roaming around at the Boardwalk that night. He's such an angel! O:)

I felt bad that my phone's battery was totally drained when we are already at the venue and its all because I used it taking pictures and videos of the fireworks display at SM City. :-S But it all paid off because I was able to hold Bamboo's hand while he was singing "Awit ng Kabataan". :x It felt great coz I've always wanted it to happen. It's sort of a frustration on my part because I've been watching their gigs and never get that chance... well, not until that early morning of the 27th of January... ">

So, what can you say about my entry? Probably this will be the last one for this month. I'm quite lazy writing things on my blog lately because I've been addicted to manga scans (no, not animes)... I was just inspired to write this entry because I came across a news about the band that they'll be starting a new clothing line called B-line (probably under Penshoppe)... I just can't wait to see the designs! I'm pretty sure it will sell like hotcakes! Wait, do they have designs for women? :P

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