Wednesday, April 18, 2007

save me now but not today

Status: Sleepy yet Overwhelmed

For the reason that I already had an mp3 of the most awaited ARGOS the official soundtrack of the first fantaserye, Rounin! Why most awaited? mmm... Because the song Argos was written and performed by Bamboo! It's as simple as that! I'm pretty sure people will love the series not just because of the plot or the characters but because the soundtrack are excellent and Bamboo is great!

Anyway, here's the lyrics of the song and if you wanted a copy of this you can download the Argos here.

OST: Rounin

I cried for days
Wasn’t sure how i got to you
Walked through my knees
Wasn’t the battle saved inside of me
Please i beg you, hey

I’ll make ‘em pay
Left, right and on the outside
Come play your game
That you’re wasted for the reason
I fought the reason
Show me, show me, show me

You say i don’t belong
You say we don’t belong

Well duty bounds me

On the cover of a magazine
The girl of your dreams
My hero’s weapon is what you will seek
Don’t be all you can be
You can

Save me now, but not today